Selling Real Estate? Be the best with these 5 principles

Whether you’re selling a multi-million dollar penthouse, leasing a commercial property or helping someone buy their first home, the secrets to selling real estate successfully are in these 5 principles.
1. You need to focus on the relationship and not the transaction. It’s instinctive to think very transactionally as an agent because your livelihood depends on it.  If a deal doesn’t get done then you don’t get paid.  This is a fact, but you can’t let it interfere with your clients best interests.    If you treat every client as if they are your only client not only will they utilize your services now but you will create a lasting relationship.  People buy from people that they like and that they trust and no deal is worth losing the respect or confidence of a client.
2. Don’t avoid confrontation and get outside your comfort zone. As an agent you’re a people person and who doesn’t want to be liked? However, there is no need to avoid confrontation like the plague.  Let’s face it, in every transaction you will have a buyer and a seller with completely opposite viewpoints and negotiations whether you like it or not will likely get heated.  To be the best and do right by your clients you will need to hold your own and step outside of your comfort zone – I guarantee you your client doesn’t care about your comfort level when there is thousands of dollars on the line.  You get what you clients needs done and show them that you’re the right person for the job when the going gets tough and you will have a customer for life!
3. The customer is not always right.  Many buyers and seller are extremely intelligent, successful and know what they are looking for.  So you might be thinking, why would they even need a real estate agent? The reality is that you possess a certain set of specific skills and information that they don’t have.  It’s you’re job to take the pre conceived notions that they have and not tell them what they want to hear but tell them what they need to hear.  Whether it’s good or bad information, if your client is right or wrong, an informed buyer/seller is going to make the best decision.  You don’t want your client to make a mistake because it will damage your long term business relationship.  A wrong customer needs to know it.  It builds trust, respect and the ability to do this separates good agents from great agents!
4. Properties don’t sell themselves.  Your client is paying you commissions to get the top dollar for their listing in the marketplace and trust me, they are going to hold you to every penny that you say you can get for their listing. They need guidance, insight and professional services to make their experience a memorable one.  Bad word of mouth spreads 10 times faster than good and at the end of the day they could always use comm free if they wanted a cheap solution.  You’re a professional and you need to show your clients why they want YOU working for them!
5. Remember, you’re disposable.  It sounds harsh but it’s 2015 and everyone has access to everything at their fingertips.  Clients want to know that every need is being handled quickly and efficiently.  Don’t expect them to go out of their way to give you feedback, perform at a high level all the time.  Your clients expect fast accurate and genuine services. If your clients feels like you aren’t delivering they won’t hesitate to find someone who can.  If your customer calls, answer it.  If they email you or text you, get back to them within minutes not hours.  When the new iPhone comes out people throw away their old one for a more productive and faster model.  If you’re not cutting it they will do the same with their agent.

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